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Download the legal opinion on NCBCPS Curriculum, attesting to the curriculum’s legality and objectivity, which has been written by some of the nation’s leading Constitutional scholars, including law professors at Princeton and Notre Dame, and a former member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.


There has been a great social regression since the Bible was removed from our schools. We need to refer to the original documents that inspired Americanism and our religious heritage. Historians say that religion has been the major motivating force in all of human history. When some people are trying to completely remove the Bible from schools, students' rights are being violated. Textbook publishers are censoring history when they give us misrepresented versions, empty of religion. Chief Justice Warren Berger said that the Constitution does not require complete separation of church and state. It mandates accommodation, not merely tolerance of all religions and forbids hostility toward any. While there are principals, teachers, and school boards who serve their communities in truth and fairness, many due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation have assisted in the denial of the Constitutional rights of students and teachers. We must know and reclaim our rights, and we must do this responsibly. As Woodrow Wilson said, "A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about."

In 1963, the Supreme Court made a ruling, not against the study of the bible, but against the devotional, religious use of the Bible. Supreme Court Justice Clark stated,

It might be well said that one's education is not complete without a study of comparative religion or the history of religion and its relationship to the advancement of civilization. It certainly may be said that the Bible is worthy of study for its literacy and historic qualities. Nothing we have said here indicates that such study of the Bible or of religion, when presented objectively as part of a secular program of education, may not be effected consistently with the First Amendment.

School District of Abington Township v. Schempp, 374 U.S. 203,225 (1963)

Response to the Journal of Education by Gerard Bradley - Notre Dame Law Professor.
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To date, our Bible curriculum has been implemented in 3,500 high schools in 41 states. Over 650,000 students have already taken this course nationwide, on the high school campus, during school hours, for credit.

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