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David Barton



For over three centuries, the Bible was a principal textbook for American students. While such is no longer permissible in public schools today, the use of the Bible in elective courses certainly is.


NCBCPS’s popular course “The Bible in History and Literature” (now used by public schools in dozens of states) provides tens of thousands of students an opportunity to experience what generations before them did. Significantly, the Bible itself serves as the primary textbook for the course – something that many of the American Founders would applaud:


"The Bible . . . should be read in our schools in preference to all other books from its containing the greatest portion of that kind of knowledge which is calculated to produce private and public temporal happiness."

"Why should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a schoolbook? Its morals are pure, its examples captivating and noble." FISHER AMES, FRAMER OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS, AUTHOR OF THE HOUSE LANGUAGE FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT


"The Bible. . . . [is] a book containing the history of all men and of all nations and . . . [is] a necessary part of a polite education." HENRY LAURENS, PRESIDENT OF THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS


"The Bible itself [is] the common inheritance not merely of Christendom but of the world." JOSEPH STORY, U. S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, “FATHER OF AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE”


"To a man of liberal education, the study of history is not only useful and important but altogether indispensable; and with regard to the history contained in the Bible . . . 'it is not so much praiseworthy to be acquainted with as it is shameful to be ignorant of it.'" JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, U. S. PRESIDENT


"The reflection and experience of many years have led me to consider the Holy Writings not only as the most authentic and instructive in themselves but as the clue to all other history. They tell us what man is . . . and they alone tell us why he is what he is." GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, PENMAN AND SIGNER OF THE CONSTITUTION


I join with leaders from across the pages of America’s history in applauding the reading of the Bible in schools – an opportunity presented through NCBCPS’s elective course “The Bible in History and Literature.”


David Barton

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To date, our Bible curriculum has been implemented in 3,500 high schools in 41 states. Over 650,000 students have already taken this course nationwide, on the high school campus, during school hours, for credit.

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